TV Pitches

There has been so much hype about the show Community not coming back, which I’m not sure what I would do if it doesn’t.  That being said, if my favorite sitcom doesn’t make it’s beloved return to our screens are some show ideas that I think the networks would do will to get behind. Eggos … Continue reading

Sudbury second show has been added

  I’m going to be doing a lot of anti- Valentines day shows (Apparently I’m against love in all it’s forms) Here is a show I will be doing in Sudbury next week at 8pm. Well that show has been sold out, however there is now a second show. So get your tickets. Sudbury nerds represent! … Continue reading

What TV network does your tribe watch?

I recently came to the sad realization that Fonzie is a douche bag. It’s sad because I wanted to be just like Fonzie! He rode a motorcycle, had a leather jacket — he even had offices in the woman’s washroom! I bet the tampon dispenser was used as a fax machine on many an occasion. … Continue reading

Is Romance over?

Every once in a while my wife tells me I’m not being romantic enough. That I need to be more spontaneous, and surprise her with flowers. So next time I’m going to jump out from behind a wall when she walks by and tag her in the uterus with a dozen long stems. Romantic enough … Continue reading

tweets from Destro

  Polishing the silverware, and forehead, with the same rag. Look out De Niro, this is MY Deer Hunter. CobraCommander: @Silverface_Destro that was yours? My bad. Five thousand people on the Terror dome,@CobraCommander still manages to eat all the pizza pockets from my fridge. Taking a piss beside my #CobraHiss. All I need is some … Continue reading

So you’re in Love? Now act Stupid

My biggest problem with marriage currently is convincing my wife to build a blanket fort.  Every once in a while, on a Friday night,  I’m like “Hey let’s light some candles, put on some sensuous music, then push the couches together, throw some blankets on top so we can make love in our imaginary space … Continue reading

Laugh Shop in Edmonton this weekend!

OK, so the comedy tour is going great. I’ve finished a quarter of it, and now I find myself at the laugh shop in Edmonton, all weekend long. Thursday November 17th @ 8pm Friday November 18th @ 8pm and Saturday November 19th @ 7:30 and 10pm You can get all the info you need right … Continue reading

A Fanboys couples night

One of the many tasks of being in a relationship is the dreaded couples night. Don’t get me wrong, my wife and I enjoy evenings with our friends, but every once in a while you have to spend time with two people that leave you fearing a world overrun by douche bags and their larvae. … Continue reading