You’re only fake if you let them tell you, you are.


Are we still talking about Fake geek girls? Is this still an issue? Are we still accusing people of not being nerdy or geeky or true fan people? And are we still defending/explaining what being a, nerd, geek or fan person means?

Apparently there are a group of male nerds who’ve created a Meme that shows their distrust of Woman, who they feel fake love comics, video games and any thing else these males have deemed as part of the Nerd ‘Holy Grail’ because these women have boobies. Scary, scary boobies. Why would a women do such a horrible thing as fake their love of fandom you ask? Because they want to control nerdy men of course. *For other works of fantasy that use this trope, see the Bible.

I hadn’t paid too much attention to said meme, because I was busy being and adult. Then gradually over the last few months I started noticing rebuttals. Women and men, in fandom started posting articles, videos, and podcasts all dedicated to calling out and debunking the Fake Fan girl myth.

And that’s when I got upset.

Really? You’re actually defending yourself? Cause if you do that, you’re just legitimizing the lamest argument ever created by a group. EVER!

Tell someone they’re ‘not a nerd’. Tell them and try not to sound like an utter tool in the process. I dare you. Who cares what a stranger thinks of you, and really for something as minor as not being nerdy? They didn’t call you a pedophile or a war criminal. They said you weren’t a nerd. Take your ball and go home.

Many would argue that this is a much deeper feminist issue. That these misogynist nerds are actually taking away the legitimacy of women who truly love fandom and deserve to be a part of the culture, out of fear and gender issues. And I say: Who the fuck cares. I’m sorry but a real feminist issue in fandom would be the lack of female creators or the violent tropes against women that are still being used in the culture. Issues involving women being held back by a real power structure should be precedent, not gripes with terrified grown boys who have a fear of losing their action figures. Besides, I’ve never meet a feminist that would let a man decided who or what they were into.

However when you post, debate and argue against the Fake fan girl myth, over and over again, you bring value to this immature argument. What kind of person feels the need to prove their love of comic books to anyone? Clearly, this superficial meme has rocked some people to the core, and I don’t understand why.

Honestly,  being a “Nerd” is just a label,  like jock or guidio. Sure, most of us have found power in claiming this label but it’s still just a label. It’s not a way of life or a calling. You’re knowledge of the New Gods can’t take the place of a personality or your individuality. As soon as we start defining ourselves by pop culture stereotypes, we’re in trouble. I love doing geeky things and being a nerd but that’s only part of who I am. If a stranger told me that I wasn’t nerdy enough, it truly wouldn’t affect me, and I definitely wouldn’t be scrounging for my Sword of omens replica while quoting the Green Lantern oath to prove them wrong.

When I was growing up, I was considered too nerdy. Now people aren’t nerdy enough? WTF? I refuse to let anyone define who I am. Just be yourself and let the chips lay where they land (Is that the right saying?). Now I know some people will be upset with this post and honestly, those are the people I’m talking about. If what I’m saying here upsets you then you’re also the type of person who probably gets upset when a stranger tells you you’re not a nerd as well.

Black nerd rants has some great perspective on this


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