An open letter to the people who ruined the Planetarium

This is an open letter to the two people who ruined my Planetarium experience in New York last week.

Dear Assholes,

Let me begin by saying, I love the movie Water World. Every time I watch that or any post – apocalyptic movie, I get real sense of longing. Not for the inevitable one eyed gang leaders or metal faced goons with spiky shoulder pads, but for the residents of these worlds. Unlike our reality, these Mad Max/Water World extras are so busy desperately clinging on to their humanity they have very little time to reflect adoringly on the minutia of their every day lives.

Recently, while in NYC, I visited the Planetarium at the Museum of Natural History. The last time I was at a Planetarium, they were showing shitty 8bit laser light Pink Floyd  shows. (I was too young to be on drugs to truly appreciate it) So I was excited to go as an adult and watch the feature presentation,  “Journey to the Stars”.

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